Whiskey Blending 101 Prism Rocks

15.00 Ounces

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With its modern square shape of our 9 oz. Old Fashioned Glass this exquisite glass is the perfect perfect for serving drinks or spirits on the rocks at your home bar or special event. The crystal-clear clarity enhances presentation to elevate any drink on your to a higher level of sophistication.  This timeless square design is a replica from the Prohibition days where Speakeasys cut the top of a bottle off to make a  signature glass . Our 9 oz. Old Fasioned Glass is a must have for any home bar and will definately be the party starter glass .  Enjoy your signture whiskey or spirits with or without ice cubes . Its simple & unique look  will add hours fun and pleasure to your day.

  • Capacity: 9 oz
  • 3 1/2" Tall x  3" Wide

Weight: 15.00 Ounces

Height: "

Width: "

Depth: "

Production Services

We use a laser engraving process to customize all of our premium whiskey glasses and bar cocktail tools. Laser engraving is a permanent marking technique. Meaning that the customization on your items will never come off.


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